Used Vehicle Selling Tips

Used Vehicle Selling Tips in Grande Prairie, AB

Are you considering selling your used vehicle? Maybe you found something more to your liking, want something more versatile, or just want to drive something new. Whatever the reason may be, here at Sprint Auto, we will buy your used car at a competitive price.

Selling your used car can seem stressful, from the private-sale low-ballers to writing and editing advertisements over various online marketplaces. However, this doesn't have to be the case. When you sell your vehicle with us, you don't have to waste time talking to potential buyers, creating listings, or showcasing your vehicle. Our expert sales staff does all the work! All you have to do is drive your car to us, settle on a reasonable price, and walk away with no obligations or hassles. It's that easy!


Tips to Getting the Most Value Out of Your Used Car

Selling your used car to us is easy. However, you should consider preparing your vehicle before bringing it in to get the most value possible. Here are some sure-fire tips to make the most out of your used car when selling to us.

Steps Before You Trade Or Sell

Fix Any Minor Issues

If you have been putting off minor repairs or fixes, now is the time to do them. Consider investing a couple of hundred dollars into minor repairs such as broken taillights, burnt-out lights, old wipers, or worn-out brake pads. This bit of money upfront can get you back even more value when trying to sell.

Get a Quick Inspection

If you don’t have any known issues with your vehicle, it’s still a good idea to visit your local mechanic to be sure. They will be able to inspect and diagnose any problems or give you the green light if there isn’t anything to find. As with the previous tip, if any minor issues are found, consider putting in a little money to fix them. If known issues go unfixed, you may receive lower offers than what it would take to fix them, so you might as well spend the extra cash to possibly get hundreds, or even thousands, back in return. A quick tune-up and liquid top-up can also do wonders to get you better value.

Find Your Vehicle Records

Having detailed records of where you purchased the vehicle, any accidents or damage, and regular service checks can help you get a better value for your used car. It shows potential buyers that you care about your vehicle enough to keep paperwork and get it fixed or serviced regularly. Especially if you consistently keep up with maintenance intervals, vehicle records are beneficial and should be brought with you when trying to sell and negotiate a fair price.

Clean It Thoroughly

Taking a couple of hours to deep clean your vehicle inside and out can get you a significantly higher offer than if you were to try to sell a dirty car. Scrubbing away any dirt or debris from the outside and wiping down the inside can make a big difference in negotiations. Clean vehicles are much easier to sell as they show that care and effort were put into the upkeep. Taking this extra time can make a difference and should be considered before bringing your car in.