Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle Clean in the Winter

Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle Clean in the Winter

The cold winter air makes it more challenging to keep your car clean, especially in Canada. Salt, ice, and grime can also attach to your vehicle, giving it a dirty look. Don't let your car's upkeep wait until the nice weather returns. Instead, follow our tips for keeping your vehicle clean in the winter in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Use Waterproof Materials in Your Car's Interior

On snowy days, you will inevitably track snow into your car. You don't want to get your car's carpet wet and dirty. To protect it, trade out the carpet floormats for rubber mats. You can also cover the steering wheel and seats to protect them and add warmth and style.

Cover Your Car at Night

To protect your car, keep it covered as often as possible. Otherwise, ice and snow can cover the car, which can lead to you lightly scratching your vehicle's body when removing it. If you don't have a garage or carport, consider purchasing a waterproof vehicle cover designed for your car's make and model.

Use a Special Winter Coating for the Exterior

Not everyone has a garage. If you rely on street parking, consider using a special coating to prevent the snow and ice from damaging your car's exterior. A ceramic coating is ideal as it will not only help keep snow and ice from sticking to your car but also protect your vehicle from harsh winter elements.

Wash Your Car Regularly

Remove dirt, grime, and salt stains from the exterior and undercarriage of your car by visiting the car wash regularly. Some car washes offer a subscription that allows you to visit as often as you want for one fee.

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