Tips for Finding the Right Used Vehicle for You in Grande Prairie, Alberta

You have a lot of options when buying a pre-owned car in Grande Prairie, Alberta, from Sprint Auto. We want you to drive off with the best car for your personality, driving preferences, and budget, so dont forget to contact us today. Before buying, read our five tips for finding the right vehicle.

1. Complete a Financing Application

Set your budget at the very beginning of the buying process. Two-thirds of Canadians applied for financing at the auto dealership for their last car purchase. If you need financing, Sprint Auto can help you. Fill out a finance application with us and we will match you with the best lender. We have options for everyone, whether you have a high credit score and a large down payment or a low credit score and no down payment. Once you know your approval amount, leave wiggle room in your budget for paperwork, licensing fees, and taxes.

2. Look Through the Current Used Inventory

Once you know your budget, take the time to look at your options. You can browse through our used inventory at Sprint Auto on-site or online. Knowing your options beforehand and comparing the available vehicles within your budget can help you make informed choices. Tell your sales associate about your favourite cars, but stay open-minded if they suggest a vehicle you may have overlooked.

3. Prioritize Your Wants and Needs

You will likely find vehicles that appeal to you for different reasons. For example, one vehicle may have excellent gas mileage but subpar engine power, while another may have mediocre gas mileage with a high-performance engine. If you have both features on your list of wants, you'll need to decide what features mean the most to you. Sort out your priorities, decide which model meets most or all of them, and choose the best fit.

4. Test Drive

Naturally, you need to test drive your top one to three options. A car can look great in front of you and prove appealing on paper, but you need to feel comfortable driving the vehicle. During the test drive, you'll want to test the following driving habits:

  • Braking
  • Making sharp turns
  • Testing the buttons/controls
  • Listening to the radio
  • Transition through all transmission options
  • Honk the horn
  • Try the lights
  • Connect your phone
  • Adjust all mirrors

5. Decorate

After you decide on a car, you can now make the car yours with your own personal decorations. Find floor mats and a steering wheel cover that suits your personality, whether you prefer a bubbly and fun aesthetic or a sleek and cool aesthetic. To establish the aura in your car, you should also buy air fresheners in your favourite scents. Consider a trinket on the dashboard or around the centre mirror. Personalizing your vehicle will make it more enjoyable and exciting to drive.