Prepare for Winter with an Oil Change

Prepare for Winter with an Oil Change

With winter comes frigidly cold temperatures. Many people probably don't think about how cold weather affects the oil in their cars. But at Sprint Used Auto in Grande Prairie, Alberta, we know that it is important to have your oil changed before the frigid temperatures hit.

The Importance of a Winter Oil Change

When the temperatures start to drop, you need to ensure you have the proper oil for your vehicle for optimal engine performance. When you have synthetic oil put into your vehicle in preparation for winter, it helps maintain the protective layer around your engine after you turn off your vehicle in icy weather. This reduces the start-up wear when you start the vehicle again, which protects your engine and can extend its life. Another reason oil change in winter is essential is that oil can become contaminated quicker in the winter due to fuel and water. Water can make its way into your from condensation that develops on your engine block and could result in an oil leak. This is especially common in vehicles used for frequent short trips during the winter. Vehicles that are fuel-injected can experience fuel that is too rich upon start-up in cold weather. This results in a small amount getting into the oil, which makes the oil less effective. The solution is to have your oil changed more often in the winter.

Get Your Car Ready for Winter Today!

At Sprint Used Auto in Grande Prairie, we can change your oil and prepare your vehicle for winter. Call us today to schedule a service appointment before the coldest days of winter set in!