How Often Should Engine Oil be Changed?

A Few Reason Oil Change is Essential

Motor oil is what keeps your engine, and by extension, your vehicle in working order, and no dealership's service team understands the importance of tending to your motor better than ours at Sprint Used Auto. Among its myriad functions, motor oil creates a seal between the engine's pistons, rings and cylinder walls, keeps your motor from overheating, reduces friction, and keeps potential wear and tear to a minimum. If you're based in Grande Prairie, Alberta or any of the neighbouring communities of Clairmont, Sexsmith, Wembley, Spirit River, of Beaverlodge, contact us at Sprint Used Auto and book your next oil change with our service centre today.

A Quick Word About the Most Common Types of Motor Oil

Several types of motor oil abound on the market, beginning with the conventional kind, which is derived from crude oil before being treated with a variety of additives. Fully synthetic motor oil, however, has the upper hand in terms of engine protection, as its ingredients are entirely man-made and thus combine to form a purer product. If your vehicle has eclipsed the 100,000-km mark, then high mileage motor oil might be your best bet due to its anti-wear additives that prolong engine life. Schedule your service appointment with our dealership to find out which kind of motor oil is best for your vehicle.

How Often Should Engine Oil be Changed?

A great many vehicles can travel over 8,000 kilometres between oil changes, some models even higher, while those a little longer in the proverbial tooth typically require servicing every 4,800 kilometres or so. Drivers can always consult their owner's manuals or our service centre for a proper recommendation, and if your vehicle reminds you to bring it in on its own, don't hesitate to book a service appointment with Sprint Used Auto.

A Few Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

If your motor needs tending to, your vehicle will find a way to tell you so, most commonly by flashing a reminder on your dashboard. Other common signs include a darkened dipstick - as fresh oil is transparent - overheating and grinding noises coming from under the hood. Visit us today for more on everything worth knowing about oil changes.

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